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Our Partners 

Our Partners include the following leading Diagnostics manufacturers:

Technoclone GmbH
Haemostasis reagents and Coagulation instruments

Quidel Inc 
Bone marker and Complement Biomarker assays

Vircell Microbiologists
Ready-to-use kits for the diagnosis of esoteric infectious diseases

Designs and manufactures products for nucleic acid purification

VELA Diagnostics
Global provider of integrated molecular solutions for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer.

Epitope Diagnostics Inc 
Bone, calcium and GI ELISA assays

Manufacturer of custom-designed, platform agnostic Sample-Readyâ„¢ reagents for Laboratory Developed Tests

Improved Tests for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

Develop, manufacture, market and sell biomarker assays for pre-clinical and clinical applications

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