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Our Partners 

Our Partners include the following leading Diagnostics manufacturers:

Technoclone GmbH
Haemostasis reagents and Coagulation instruments

Quidel Inc 
Bone marker and Complement Biomarker assays

TECOmedical AG 
Cartilage, Diabetes, Obesity, Organ injury biomarkers markers, and Ecotoxicology tests

Cisbio Bioassays SA
Cancer, inflammation and hypertension biomarkers

Akers Bioscience Inc 
Novel Single-Use Rapid tests for professional and consumer use

Biomerica Inc
TPMT Immunoassay and other specialist ELISA tests

Epitope Diagnostics Inc 
Bone, calcium and GI ELISA assays

Drucker Diagnostics Inc 
QBC Haematology and Centrifuge range

Improved Tests for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
To purchase Pathway or Unicorn Diagnostics products please contact our local distribution partners directly:

Quidel Inc 
USA & Canada, Central and South America

TECOmedical AG 
Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Benelux

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