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PathTROL Tryptase Positive Control 

Key Features

  • Lyophilized Human Plasma Controls:
  • The PathTROL™ Tryptase Controls are formulated using lyophilized Human plasma, ensuring a close resemblance to real patient samples.

  • Two Concentration Ranges:
  • The control plasmas are available in two clinically relevant concentration ranges.

  • Batch-Specific Target Values:
  • Each control is accompanied by a batch-specific table of target values for each type of IgE antibody. This valuable information ensures proper interpretation and assessment of your test results.

  • Positive Control:
  • Approximately 20-30 ng/ml

  • High Positive Control:
  • Approximately 80-100 ng/ml

  • Externally Assigned Target Values:
  • Each control comes with a batch-specific table of externally assigned target values specifically assigned for the ImmunoCAP® Tryptase test run on Phadia® analysers.

  • CE Marked, IVD:
  • PathTROL™Tryptase Controls carry the CE mark and are classified as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, meeting the highest regulatory standards for diagnostic use.

  • Free Membership:
  • Join the PathQAS™ IQC program at no cost. Benefit from access to a comprehensive quality control program for your laboratory. Enjoy the advantages of regular proficiency testing, peer comparison, and quality assessment without any financial burden.

Product Description

PathTROL™ Tryptase Controls: Reliable Quality Control for Tryptase Testing

PathTROL™ Tryptase Controls offer a comprehensive solution for the ongoing quality control of your tryptase testing procedures. These lyophilized Human plasma third-party controls contain native Human α-Tryptase and β-Tryptase, providing a comparable composition to patient plasma without any preservatives or stabilisers.

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your tryptase testing with PathTROL™ Tryptase Controls. With externally assigned target values and compatibility with ImmunoCAP® Tryptase tests on Phadia® Laboratory Systems, these controls support confident and precise results.

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Pack Size
PathTROL Tryptase Positive Control
Pack Size
5x0.5 ml

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PathTROL Tryptase Positive Control

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