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PathTROL Allergy Control Sera - Level 1 

Key Features

  • Liquid Control Sera
  • The PathTROLâ„¢ Allergy Control Sera are formulated as liquid control sera, allowing for easy and convenient use in clinical laboratories. The liquid format ensures optimal stability and compatibility with allergy test systems.

  • Two Concentration Ranges:
  • The control sera are available in two clinically relevant concentration ranges: Level 1 (Low) and Level 2 (High). This allows you to effectively monitor the performance and accuracy of your allergy testing methods across a range of IgE concentrations.

  • Batch-Specific Target Values:
  • Each control is accompanied by a batch-specific table of target values for each type of IgE antibody. This valuable information ensures proper interpretation and assessment of your test results.

  • Available Volumes
  • PathTROLâ„¢ Allergy Level 1 and Level 2 Controls are available in 5 x 1ml.

  • CE Marked, IVD:
  • Allergy Control Sera carry the CE mark and are classified as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, meeting stringent regulatory requirements for diagnostic use. You can confidently rely on these control sera for precise and accurate allergy testing.

  • Free Membership:
  • Join the PathQAS IQC program at no cost. Benefit from access to a comprehensive quality control program for your laboratory. Enjoy the advantages of regular proficiency testing, peer comparison, and quality assessment without any financial burden.

Product Description

PathTROLâ„¢ Allergy Control Sera are third-party material that provide a comprehensive solution for the continuous long-term quality control of allergy tests in clinical laboratories. These liquid control sera contain total IgE and allergen specific IgE at two levels, ensuring accurate and reliable performance of your allergy testing procedures.

These control sera consist of human serum containing human IgE with specificities for the following allergens:

  • g06 Timothy Grass (P. pratense)
  • g12 Cultivated Rye (S. cereale)
  • w06 Mugwort (A. vulgaris)
  • d01 House Dust Mite (D. pteronyssinus)
  • d02 House Dust Mite (D. farinae)
  • e01 Cat Epithelia
  • f17 Hazelnut
  • f13 Peanut
  • f02 Milk
  • Total IgE

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Pack Size
PathTROL Allergy Control Sera - Level 1
Pack Size
5x1 ml

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PathTROL Allergy Control Sera - Level 1

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