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New Distribution Partnership with UTAK for Toxicology Quality Control Solutions 


Exclusive Distribution Partnership with UTAK for Toxicology Quality Control Solutions

Eurobio Scientific UK is thrilled to announce its new partnership with UTAK, an esteemed American company specialising in Toxicology quality control solutions. As the exclusive distributor for UTAK products in the United Kingdom, Eurobio Scientific UK is poised to revolutionise the quality control landscape within the field of Toxicology.

Our collaboration with UTAK opens the door to a wide array of cutting-edge quality control solutions, including custom made controls, that will empower laboratories across the UK to ensure precision, accuracy, and reliability in their Toxicology testing procedures. Whether you're in a clinical, forensic, or research setting, UTAK's quality control products are designed to meet your specific needs.

For all inquiries and to explore our comprehensive range of UTAK products, we encourage you to get in touch with our dedicated Business Manager for Quality Management, Sophie Duke.

Join us in embracing this exciting new partnership and experience a new level of quality control in Toxicology. Eurobio Scientific UK and UTAK are committed to your success.

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