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Ceveron S100 


Ceveron S100

Ceveron S100 is the first, fully automated haemostasis analyzer for measuring classical haemostasis parameters, thrombin generation, Factor XIII activity and ADAMTS13 activity, at the same time on one instrument.

15 years ago, Technoclone launched the first ADAMTS13 test kit. With adding the Quenching module to Ceveron instrument platform, Technoclone’s innovation now advances to run fully automated ADAMTS13 Activity as simple as a PT, on the new Ceveron s100.

Main features of the platform include:

Time and cost saving
Available 24/7 with benefits for patients, saving valuable plasma and financial resources.
Running a Factor XIII Activity or ADAMTS13 Activity sample is as easy, as running a routine coagulation sample.
Fully automated ADAMTS13 Activity result in less than 30 minutes.
Quenching module using parameters can be run in paralell to all other parameters including TGA.
STAT samples processing is also available using Quenching module.
Lot stable calibration curve with a high linearity.

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