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Eurobio Scientific acquires Pathway Diagnostics 


Eurobio Scientific acquires Pathway Diagnostics

Eurobio Scientific acquired Surrey based Pathway Diagnostics Ltd. Pathway Diagnostics Ltd have been supplying haemostasis, immunology, quality control materials and infectious disease products as a distributor and manufacturer to the UK and Ireland IVD, research, and industrial markets since 1998, and has had a long-term commercial relationship with Eurobio Scientific prior to the acquisition.

Eurobio Scientific is a major player in the field of specialty in vitro diagnostics products, supplying into the diagnostics, research, transplantation, immunology, and infectious diseases, and industrial laboratories, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With numerous partnerships and a strong hospital presence, Eurobio Scientific has its own extensive distribution network and a portfolio of proprietary molecular biology products. The Eurobio Group has approximately 164 employees, three production units based in the Paris region, Germany and the USA, and subsidiaries in Surrey in the UK, Sissach in Switzerland, Bünde in Germany, and Utrecht in the Netherlands.

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