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Azure Cielo 6 Dx Real-Time PCR 

Key Features

Key features

  • Email Notifications - end-of-experiment notifications and data files via email from the Cielo.
  • Quickly Set up and Confirm Plate Layout - each well is labelled with three identifiers.
  • View each Individual Amplification Trace by Target or Sample.
  • Optical Design Eliminates the Need for ROX.
  • Total Well Detection Technology Captures 100,000 Data Points per Well.
  • Six-Target Multiplex.

Product Description

What sets the Azure Cieloâ„¢ apart from other real time PCR instruments?

  • Broad Spectrum Detection - 6 high powered channel-specific excitation and emission light emitting diodes allow the Cielo 6 to detect entire spectrum of qPCR dyes
  • Background Reduction - The Cielo delivers light to each sample through fiber optics instead of an overhead "white" light source.
  • Sensitivity & Speed - scanning 16-wells at a time, detecting each channel in 1.5 seconds.
  • Reproducibility - The Cielo to generate highly reproducible Cq values, up to at least 1,000 experiments later.


  • Gene Expression
  • Genotyping
  • Library Quantification
  • Multiplexing
  • Pathogen Detection

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Azure Cielo 6 Dx Real-Time PCR
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Azure Cielo 6 Dx Real-Time PCR

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