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Maelstrom 9600 LH 

Key Features

Maelstrom 9600LH is well-proportioned for easy integration into liquid handling workstations. Specialized spin tips enable the efficient mixing of magnetic beads.

  • Easily integrated into liquid handling workstation
  • High efficiency driven by TANBead's technology
  • Cost-effective consumables

Product Description

Integrated Platform

  • Well-proportioned design for workstation
  • Communications protocol compatibility

Patented Whirl Stirring Mixing Technology

  • Processing volume up to 1,600µl
  • Spin tips stir magnetic beads at speeds up to 3000 rpm
  • Effective prevention of aerosol cross contamination

Easy Operation

  • Intuitive user interface and easy menu navigation
  • Parameters can be fine-tuned based on experimental requirements

Time saving

  • High-throughput: 96 samples can be processed simultaneously
  • High stirring efficiency with variable speeds for considerable time savings

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Maelstrom 9600 LH
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Maelstrom 9600 LH