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Maelstrom 2410 

Key Features

Maelstrom 2400 is an automated nucleic acid platform designed for applications with large volume requirements. Specialized spin tips enable efficient mixing of magnetic beads and have a larger processing volume. With an intuitive interface and flexible programs, Maelstrom 2400 can enable productivity by transforming routine operations into a walk-away solution.

  • Large processing volume: up to 10 ml
  • Maximize throughput in 24 channels for simultaneous extraction

Product Description

Fully automated

  • Simultaneous processing and purification of DNA,RNA samples
  • Streamlined collecting and mixing steps saving time and effort
  • Independent temperature control modules ensure stability of purification performance

Patented Whirl Stirring Mixing Technology

  • Processing volume up to 10 000µl
  • Spin tips stir magnetic beads at speeds up to 3000 rpm
  • Effective prevention of aerosol cross contamination

Easy Operation

  • Intuitive user interface and easy menu navigation
  • Parameters can be fine-tuned based on experimental requirements

Time saving

  • High-throughput: 24 samples can be processed simultaneously
  • High stirring efficiency with variable speeds for considerable time savings

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Maelstrom 2410
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Maelstrom 2410