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PathTROL Allergy Control Sera - Level 1 

Key Features

PathQAS allergy brochure

PathTROL™ Allergy Control Sera – Level 1 is a low level, multi-analyte, liquid control sera

Supplied ready to use and prepared from Human sera containing 9 types of specific human IgE antibodies



  • Liquid, ready to use multi-analyte allergy controls
  • Independent, Third Party controls suitable for most Allergy test systems
  • Supplied with a batch table of target values for ImmunoCAP® specific Allergy tests and Total IgE
  • Optional participation in our monthly PathQAS Allergy iQC scheme included
  • Convenient 5x1ml pack size

 ImmunoCAP® is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Product Description

PathTROL™ Allergy Controls are liquid control sera, containing allergen-specific IgE at two levels that are designed for the continuous long-term quality control of allergy tests in clinical laboratories.

The controls are produced from human serum containing human IgE with the following specificities:

  • g06 Timothy Grass (P. pratense)
  • g12 Cultivated Rye (S. cereale)
  • w06 Mugwort (A. vulgaris)
  • d01 House Dust Mite (D. pteronyssinus)
  • d02 House Dust Mite (D. farinae)
  • e01 Cat Epithelia
  • f17 Hazelnut
  • f13 Peanut
  • f02 Milk

The analytes are present in native form in a physiological serum matrix comparable to patient serum. To guarantee long-term stability, the sera contain a preservative (0.02% Sodium azide).

The control sera are available in two clinically relevant concentration ranges; Level 1(Low) and Level 2 (High). A batch specific table of target values for each specific type of IgE antibody, as well as total IgE is supplied with each control.

In addition an optional enrolment in the PathQAS™ Allergy internal Quality Control scheme  is included with the controls. Our peer-to-peer monthly QC scheme provides the comparison with user-group consensus values, local inter-laboratory comparison and independent third-party controls recommended for ISO 15189 compliance.

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Pack Size
PathTROL Allergy Control Sera - Level 1
Pack Size
5x1 ml

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PathTROL Allergy Control Sera - Level 1

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